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05. Create Roku Channel
Last updated 2 years ago

After adding media to a playlist, select "Platforms" from the navigation menu and click "Roku".


Begin by filling out some information about your Roku channel. Define a channel name, a brand name, a brand URL, and finally a channel description.


Next up, you will need to upload image assets for your channel. These images consist of three .JPG files: a 512x512 "App Icon", a 1024x500 "Top Shelf", and a 1920x320 "Channel Banner". Now click "Save New Platform".

When your Roku channel has been submitted, the channel will immediately be marked as "Pending", which can be seen in the channel table under the "Status" column.

At any time you may come back to your Roku channel to edit the channel name, channel description, or channel banner image.

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