Frequently Asked Questions

15. How do I setup a Live Stream Player?
Last updated 2 years ago

While viewing the Live Streams page, click the gray dropdown button to the right of your live stream. From the sub-table that appears, click the gray cog button to visit the Edit Live Stream page.

Underneath the player preview you will find the recommended settings for video encoder setup, RTMP settings, and players associated with the live stream. By default, each new live stream is given a "Default" player upon creation, and more can be created here. (Tip: You can change what the "Default" player style is by customizing a Player Template.)

Edit a Player
To the right of the player name, click the gray cog button to visit the Edit Player page. Under the player preview, embed code, and permalink are the Player Options.

Select to give this player a different template, set it to default, or customize it on the spot. Customization options include the following:
  • Player skin
  • Player size
  • Autoplay
  • Fullscreen
  • Sharing
  • Player logo
Click on the Advanced tab and extend player customization further with the following:
  • Date restriction
  • Countdown timer
  • Google Analytics
  • Password protection
  • Video advertising

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