Frequently Asked Questions

14. How do I setup a Live Stream?
Last updated 2 years ago

Click Live Streaming from the main menu, and click Live Streams from the sub-menu. Then, click one of the "Create New Live Stream" buttons to open the creation modal.

Enter a name for your new live stream. Please note that the live stream name cannot contain numbers or special characters, and that it's also case sensitive. This is important to remember as the live stream name must be identical in both your preferred video encoder and your account, or else you will not see your broadcast.

Choose to enable or disable multi-bitrate streaming. Multi-bitrate streaming is a feature that lets you broadcast multiple qualities of your live stream, providing a better experience for audiences on connections high and low.

If you disable multi-bitrate streaming, then simply click the "Create" button. The modal will disappear and your new live stream will appear.

If you enable multi-bitrate streaming, select between 2 and 3 bitrate options, define the approximate values you intend to stream at (in Kbps), and click the "Create" button.

Copy Settings to Video Encoder
While viewing the Live Streams page, click the light blue dropdown button to the right of your live stream. A table will appear from under the live stream. Click the gray cog button to visit the Edit Live Stream page.

Underneath the player preview you will find the recommended settings for video encoder setup, RTMP settings, and players associated with the live stream. Copy the recommended settings, stream name and ingress primary values over to the video encoder.

Now your video encoder is ready to broadcast. Once the stream begins, click back over to and refresh the Edit Live Stream page. Your live stream will now appear in preview player.

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